Terraforming a static blog with Hugo, GitHub Pages, and Cloudflare

Hello, world! This is my first blog post (on my own site, anyway). Had I started this site a few years ago I would have used something like Medium, but because this is 2018 I decided to see what the buzz about statically generated sites was all about. We use Hugo at Cloudflare for our https://developers.cloudflare.com site and it was both fun and easy to use while writing the Cloudflare Terraform tutorial, so that’s what I went with for my personal blog.

Fittingly, this first post is all about setting up a statically generated site using Hugo, hosting it on GitHub Pages, and serving it at the edge with Cloudflare. I use Terraform to manage both Cloudflare and GitHub, and my configuration files can be found in this repository. Other notes I took as I went are interspersed as well, in case anyone finds them helpful.

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